Aeroplane City

The Halcyon Age.
Two lovers will soon meet in the Sad Café.

The world lives in a peace paradox. Humanity is desensitized to love. One man stumbles upon true love only to learn he is soon destined to die. Can he force fate? #AeroplaneCity #sci-fi #sciencefiction #romance #mustread


Experience a love story set against corporate espionage in a city that practices isolationism.

Who Should Read This Story

Escape Reality

To A Better World

Are you a reformed idealist? Is your world selfish and brutal? Come to a better place. The answers to all life’s problems are here.

Aeroplane City

“Where people dream to live and few live the dream.” 

Aeroplane City | The Character

It's the dawn of the 30th century. The Halcyon Age. The world is no longer defined by nation-states. City-states are governed by corporations. Aeroplane City is tucked away in the east coast's remote Andochian Mountains.

The city rests in a high valley impervious to most large body aircraft. Travelers arrive by relay and jump jet on the ten-story glass runway high above Lynxpoint airport while few elite members of the city fly home on personal jump jets.

Inside the pages you'll live in this complex culture rich in history. In the words of Dalton Vrees, "It's like the moon to most people. They know it's there but will never visit."

Meet The Players

Dalton Vrs

Araby Astley character BIO | Aeroplane City by Lars Hindsley

Araby Astly

Red Marat

Tesher Soyleme

Trapped by Curiosity

Can a passion project born of short story become a world class literary masterpiece?

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