Jump Jet

Personal aircraft that do not require a runway. They fly horizontally and land vertically.

JUMP JETS IN ANGULAR MOMENTUM: The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum states: “If no unbalanced external torque acts on a rotating system, the angular momentum of the system is constant.” If you start with large rotational inertia you will have a small angular velocity. Smaller rotational inertia produces much greater angular velocity. An external torque produces vertical angular momentum in a closed system.

HOW IT WORKS: Four nozzles direct or ‘vector’ the thrust. Computer-assisted reaction control systems keep them from crashing when the pilot isn’t on their game. The control system balances the thrust vector through the center of the aircraft. Reaction control air comes out the wingtip left side, right side, nose, and tail. Ducts open and close based on the flight stick direction.

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