Where’s the Romance?

Just How Much Romance Is In Aeroplane City?

Aeroplane City is not a romance novel. Now don’t back out yet. Keep reading. Romance plays a heavy part.

The romantic element plays a large part in Aeroplane City. One could argue it is a romance and a hero’s journey. For myself, it is a hero’s journey in reverse. The man you meet is almost perfect if not perfect. After all, he lives a perfect life. He is self-made. You will find out he is self-made from the extreme. His journey up to the point you meet him is one of huge adversity, yet he’s made it look simple due to his exceptional genius.

What happens when even the smartest man encounters an emotional trial? Will he be up to the task of emotional intelligence?

Where’s The Romance?

Again, the question of where is the romance must be answered. Romance is a fulcrum. It’s the device to trigger our protagonist’s challenge. It’s the fly in the ointment.

Don’t worry. If you love a good romance novel, this will deliver. The story is more than a character test. But this part of the story, this test wouldn’t be credible without a convincing love lexicon. This is carefully delivered through the world-building our lead shares with you. It is established through his current state of mind to what he does love.

You will find that love is a distant undertone for a good 30,000 words into Aeroplane City before love slams into our hero with titan force. He’s simply a man who has become almost too tough for love. While he’s engaging and real, he’s hard to get. What hits him is something he sees before himself as a rare gift to which if he accepts it, comes with risk. The liability in accepting what he finds is on his mind, knowing he wants this elusive prize.

Is the Female Love Interest An Armpiece?

Araby is no prop. She isn’t a superhero, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a keen player in the story with secrets of her own that may never be fully revealed to the reader otherwise it would diminish her appreciation by some readers. It’s a decision to be made as the story allows.

You may notice that love at first sight implication is made in up-front marketing. Two lovers meet in the Sad Café. It’s meant to be a truly a remarkable encounter with visuals painted that I believe you will find are articulate words. The dialog which binds these two characters is extensive to insure a reader accepts this premise as true. For love to happen in an instant is to most, no more than a concept left to fairy tales. Aeroplane City’s romance must go beyond a fairy tale. It must be convincing.

Speaking of Aeroplane City, there is no denying our lead has an emotional attachment to it and his love for the city is illustrated through his words to you the reader. The absence of love in his life is transferred to his affection for the world he lives in.

The Heroes Journey In Reverse

What happens when you lose it all? Have you ever lost all you worked for? Have you ever suffered in this way? Have you in your life taken such a blow that you caved? If so, did you take months or years to recover? What level of resiliency did you have to sustain the journey ahead? Did you fight back immediately? This is part of the story told in Aeroplane City. Sure it’s a boy meets girl story. Will it be a boy meet’s girl, boy loses girl, does boy get girl back story? You see, our protagonist love story is one element.

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