Life Get’s In The Way

November Nights

As a writer, I’m taught to not tell a story from the beginning. My personal story of Aeroplane City began as a short story. Over time I realized there was a world I wanted to explore. I’ve been working on that story for a few years. Technically. In truth, I’ve taken time away from this novel numerous times. Working on love story is easy. Developing a world in which characters will interact to create sub plots and more has been my challenge. Not one I’m afraid of, but one I respect. As I work on chapter 27, it impacts the continuity of chapters 2, 7 and 10. Then come’s full re-writes. It gets interesting. 

But now, I’m dealing with a new delay. Life. This time life has got in the way of a story I almost had completed. My trip to Europe brought about a sudden awareness of a health issue to  which I’m now worried for my life. Literally. 

There was a time I was engaged. My best friend was also a writer. One who was notorious for starting things she didn’t complete. Still, I had faith in her and told her that if anything every happened to me, she was my caretaker and I expected her to finish my novel. She betrayed me one day. Over time I came to accept the absolute selfishness of her actions. As much as I may want to leave my work in her hands, I couldn’t forgive the ugliness of what she had done. 

I’m now faced with the reality that I need to finish Aeroplane City on my own with what time I have left. Life for the time being has caused me one last delay in finishing Aeroplane City. But my legacy will be secured. I will finish this story. 

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